On writing

Exhausting workload

Uninspiring nothingness

Writing is the cure


© Rosie C


On toddlers

A sense of wonder

Daily surprises galore

Sweet hugs and kisses


© Rosie C


I heard the call and answered.

You appeared with a shy smile.

I knew at that time you’d be somebody in my life.

It was the beginning of our shortlived story.


The story went on as we shared our histories.

We dreamed about the future unaware that we’ll just see us in the past.

Maybe people arrive in the present  to leave us memories we can always fondly remember.

Maybe you were just meant to be a wonderful pause in that chaotic phase of my journey.

But deep inside, a place where I keep you safely locked, I still hope to encounter you.

Not just your shadow.

I’ve had enough of it watching you from afar.


Do you still remember when we met?

It was in May.

A lot of things have happened while we lived separate lives but my heart stayed the same.

I threw the key away. I gave it to someone else  so I won’t be able to unlock those memories but it finds its way back to me.


It will be May again and around this time I’ll press replay,


—To bring you back.


© Rosie C



One day

One day I’ll write a book

For years I told myself

Pages of scribbled emotions overlooked

You’ll find them dusty in the shelf


Life happened through the years

Each chapter was left unwritten

But that life gave me tears

Only my journal was there to listen


I write when days are filled with sunshine

I write on days when there’s rain

I write though he can never be mine

I write to take away all the pain


The heart has a language only a writer understands

One day the book I’ve written-I hope to reach your hands.


© Rosie C


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