Still believing that somewhere in this world, someone is meant to find me.


Why do we keep someone we can never have

Where do you keep someone you love but can never have?

In your mind?

-Where you form images of you being together.

-Daydreaming all day without touching reality.

In your heart?

-Where you reserve a space hoping it will be complete and whole one day.

– Where you can keep that person from the rest of the world,secretly loving, secretly waiting.

In your memories?

-Where you can replay the past and deny the truth about the present and the future.

– Where you can lie to yourself that you have already moved on because memories gives us false hopes that there is one more chance.

But the question should not be where but why. Why do we keep someone we love but can never have?




As seasons pass

Days turn to years

New becomes old

Laughter turns to tears

And as much as we want to let go of the past

It catches up

In unexpected times

In little moments such as feeling the rays of the sun

And reality hits you and you realize that after all that has been unsaid and undone

Love was unchanged

Sometimes and Always

Sometimes it knocks in the corners of your mind

Sometimes it echoes in the melody of a sad song

Sometimes it appears in a misty window after the rain

Sometimes it speaks through a poem read or a movie seen

Sometimes it comes back while watching time go by


It always leaves a scar

It always haunts you in your sleep

It always finds a way to bring tears to your eyes

It always breaks your heart

It always stays even when you want it to go away

and it always reminds me that

I’ve been missing you for so long.

All the stars

Hopes are up

Daydreaming of happy endings

Replaying moments so dear

Wishing you’re here

Wanting to start over

Though things won’t be the same

Clouds suddenly disappear

And the sky has your name

Miles apart and now closer

No more daydreaming

No more waiting

Our future aligned

In all the stars


It doesn’t fall anymore

My heart has hardened through the years

Things are not the same as before

Goodbye to the love which brought me tears


A long story has come to an end

Facing loss, I finally bid farewell

To the one who can only be a friend

I can only wish you well


Farewell to the summer we once had

I promise to move forward through the seasons

I’ve lost hope when things turned out bad

My heart ran out of reasons—

To continue loving you




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